Installation Troubleshooting

Use this form to contact us if you’ve installed one of our antenna systems but are not getting the results expected.

Please check the following before submitting this form:

1. Inspect the antenna connections and leads.

Ensure the antenna and connections are installed correctly.
If your modem requires the patch cable with the tiny modem connector, please check that the tiny centre pin of the (TS9, CRC9 TS5 etc) connector is not missing or bent.

2. Is the antenna aimed at the phone tower that has your provider’s services?

Check out our Guide to Find Mobile Phone Towers. If you need more help, lodge a ticket using the form below.

3. Is the antenna suitable for the services available to your location?

a. Lower Gain (3-7dBi) multi-band (directional & omnidirectional) antennas are suitable for situations where the outdoor signal strength is excellent but the signal indoors is blocked or otherwise deteriorated by the building structure.
b. Medium gain (8-11dBi) antennas are also suitable for

4. Check the specifications of your modem.

Some older 4G modems do not work with the Australian 700MHz 4G (B28) service as used by Telstra and Optus and some are not capable of  Vodafone’s 4G 850MHz service. For example, TP-link MR100/200/400 and older versions of D-Link 921 don’t support B28.
If you are getting poor outdoor signal and/or are located in a marginal coverage area, the modem must be capable of 700MHz for Telstra and Optus 4G.

5. Modem Settings

Does your modem require the outdoor antenna to be selected manually?
Browse to the web interface for your modem and check for an antenna settings field.
(Some modems don’t have this function; consult the User Manual for instructions)
If set to “Auto”, try setting it to “External”.

If you have no success with the above checks, please use the form on the right to request assistance and be sure to add all of the information you can.

We need this information to ensure everything is set up properly and to identify problems as quickly as possible. Yep, there’s a lot of information we need, but 99.99% of the problems we see are not due to faulty antenna systems, and we want to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Installation Troubleshooting Help Request

Installation Troubleshooting Help Request

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Maximum file size: 10MB

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Maximum file size: 10MB

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