Request a Site Survey – Consultation Service

Please make sure you fill out as much information as possible in order to get the most accurate survey.


This is a discounted service to assist you in finding the most suitable products to improve your mobile broadband/phone connection. Please provide the requested data as accurately as possible for us to complete your research quickly.

Please note that this consultation service costs $99, which you will be invoiced for upon completion of this form. Once payment is made we will complete the research listed below and email it to you.

When you purchase a Short Site Survey – Consultation, we will:

  • Research your location and reply to you with our recommendation.
    – The Cell Tower most likely to give the best connection.
    – Which antenna system best suits your location, using your declared carrier and modem/phone.
    – Where to point the antenna (directional).
  • Use several online research tools and Google Earth to estimate the service available.
  • Email you our recommendations and any applicable screen captures or images.

This is a quick research product that does not include the full report. We do not visit your location in person.

wireless broadband speed research

How to find your exact GPS coordinates for the request form below

This is the EXACT Location where your antenna will be mounted.
You can get this information by dropping a pin on Google Earth.

Email or Save the KMZ file in Google Earth.

1. Drop a Placemark at your location.

2. Right mouse click on the Placemark.

3. Select “Save Place As” or “Email”.

Site Survey - Consultation Service

Request Form

Exact GPS Coordinates from Google Maps or Google Earth

Which Modem or Mobile Phone will you be using?

Which service provider do you or will you use?

Example: iiNet 5G Home Broadband Premium, TPG 5G Home Broadband Plus

Signal strength you currently get without an external antenna?

Screen capture - Modem Network Statistics: Cell_ID, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, Band ..

Maximum file size: 10MB

Open the web page for your modem and take a screen-shot of the statics. The page shows such info as: Cell_ID, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, Band etc

Any additional information you can provide

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