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Assembly Instructions: Dual LPDA Antenna Kits

Required Tools

A small amount of assembly is required, you’ll need the following:
– Philips Head Screw Driver.
– 10mm Spanner or Socket

Which Antenna to which Modem Socket?

It does not matter which antenna connects to your modem’s Main or Aux antenna socket.

Recommended Coax

We recommend using LMR-400 Coax cable for runs greater than 10m. For the upper 4G/5G bands of 1800MHz and above, LMR400 (LL400) coax should always be used.

Antenna Spacing

There is no minimum or maximum spacing. Ensure each antenna does not touch the other. However, it’s good practice to mount them at least one antenna width apart, and they can even be mounted on separate poles.


Aim both halves of the antenna in the direction of the Mobile Phone tower. This antenna has a reasonably wide beamwidth and usually needs only to be aimed within ±20° accuracy.

1. Unscrew the Mounting plate from the antenna’s body.

2. Rotate the antenna by -45º with respect to the normal vertical mounting position. This will be the -45º antenna.

3. Second antenna is mounted using the screw holes at 90º to the first. This will be the +45º antenna.

4. Mount each half of the MiMo antenna.