Assembly Instructions – MiMo Yagi Antenna Kits

Required Tools

A small amount of assembly is required.

You’ll need a Philips Head Screw Driver, and an 8mm Spanner (10mm for larger Yagis).

Antenna Spacing

The antennas do not interfere with each other so long as they do not touch. However, it is good practice to mount them with at least one antenna width space between them, and they can even be mounted on separate poles.

Recommended Coax

We recommend using LMR-400 Coax cable for runs greater than 5m when connecting to 4G LTE 1800MHz. LMR-400 coax should always be used in low signal areas.

Which Antenna to which Modem Socket?

It’s not critical which antenna connects to the Main (port 1) or which to the Aux (port 2) antenna socket on your modem.

1. Remove the u-Bolts and plastic binding.

2. Unscrew the Mounting plate from the Yagi antenna’s Boom

3. The boom has 2 sets of holes allowing vertical and horizontal polarization.

4. Fit the Slant-Pol Bracket to the Mounting Plate using short screws supplied.

5. Fit the boom to the slant-pol bracket.

6. Ensure that the boom is parallel with the edge of the bracket then tighten the screws.

7. The antennas are now ready to be mounted. This would be the -45º antenna.

8. Second antenna is mounted using the alternate screw holes. This would be the +45º antenna.

9. Install the antennas to a secure mast or pole using the provided u-bolts. Aim both antenna at the same tower.